ABout the hangry crafter

After getting engaged, I quickly learned about the wedding tax - mention a product or service you want is for a wedding and the price immediately skyrockets. My mission is to go against the grain and provide affordable products for everyday events including weddings.We offer a variety of products, including but not limited to: personalized hangers, photo boxes, cutting boards, keychains, etc.

📷 Follow my store on Instagram @thehangrycrafter to see what we have up our sleeves and get sneak peeks at new items before they are listed.

Hi, there!

I started my business as a way to DIY my own wedding. I was having a hard time finding custom and personalized things that I could purchase for my wedding within my budget. When I initially purchased my laser, I immediately knew that I wanted to remove the 'wedding tax' in the products I created.

The Hangry Crafter is my home-operated business in addition to my full-time job. When I'm not creating for The Hangry Crafter, I am a full-time UX designer for an amazing company. I have a passion for advocating for users to enjoy the digital interface products they use.

Sincerely, miquelle

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